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August 17th, 2024


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WE are hosting YOUR next company work party! Time to turn your co-workers into your co-ROWERS!  Interested in joining the team-building activity of the year? We are ready for you! This year the Gateway Dragon Boat Festival will be on Saturday, August 17, 2024 at Creve Coeur Lake. This festival is a community boat racing event that helps raise money for Operation Family Help, a program of Signature Healthcare Foundation that provides assistance to families in need of financial aid to cover healthcare costs that insurance won’t.

Operation Family Help

Operation Family Help provides financial assistance for needs not covered by health insurance. Families in crisis residing in Missouri or St. Louis and Kansas City Metropolitan Areas are referred by physicians working with these families. Operation Family Help is administered by the Board of Signature Healthcare Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit, through an application process. Amounts awarded vary depending on the family situation and on the dollars available.


The standard crew of a contemporary dragon boat consists of twenty paddlers (who sit in pairs facing the front – or bow – of the boat), a drummer or caller (who sits at the bow facing the paddlers), and a sweep (who stands at the rear – or stern – of the boat).

The sweep, or steersperson, uses a long oar to steer the boat, while the paddlers provide its propulsion. The drummer may be considered the heartbeat of the dragon boat, and leads the crew throughout a race with the rhythmic beating of a drum to indicate the cadence of paddling strokes: the paddlers attempt to make their strokes in unison, as synchronous paddling produces greater acceleration and speed.

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